Advanced Mechanical Systems (AMS)

specializes in plumbing, heating, air conditioning, solar, and geothermal systems for new installations and retrofit applications; as well as upgraded or replacement systems. We offer consultations, control system configurations, and troubleshooting in both residential and commercial systems.

Ultra-High Efficiency Heat Pumps

How can you eliminate oil heating while increasing your air conditioner’s efficiency?   A heat pump with an inverter can do both- all in one system!   For the last five years, multiple manufacturer’s like Carrier and Unico have working to perfect a heat pump system that has a high SEER and a high HSPF at […]

Air Conditioning Prep for the Summer

  You know what they say, “No one is happy, if your air conditioner isn’t happy!” So take out 5 minutes to take care of your central air conditioning equipment. Statistics show that the majority of homeowners are not giving their system the correct maintenance or service their units need and are suffering with services expenses because […]

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